How to install Ground Control Systems Front/Rear end-links for the Focus ST.

More to come!  (instructions are ‘in the making’)


Front Endlinks

Once the wheel is off of the car
– Use a 15 mm socket and 11/16 wrench to loosen the top endlink nut
– Do the same on the bottom nut
Once both are loose place a jack under the control arm, once the endlink freely moves you’ve put enough load on the suspension
Now you may proceed to remove the factory links
– Ensure to be careful with the brake line/bracket!
After the factory links are removed I measured up the new ones to generally make the the same length
– To tighten the nut for the length you’ll need a 14 mm and 1/2 wrench
Now place the new link where you removed the original from
– The washer will go on the side the nut is on
– Don’t forget to be careful with the brake line bracket!
Tighten everything down and move on to the other side.

Once everything is back together you’ll want to drive the car a bit so everything can settle before making your final length adjustments so that there is no pre-load (if needed).


Rear Endlinks

More to come.