Check out reviews of some great products that help contribute to my autocross success!

StopTech is the leader in performance braking for a reason.  I’ve been through a few different setups on my Focus ST and always end up with either ruined rotors, brake fade, or brakes so noisy it’s embarrassing (sometimes all of the above!).  With the ST there’s no mechanical LSD so the brakes are continuously working to try and keep the high-torque FWD car from spinning during acceleration, especially out of the corners!  I’ve got to say I am over the moon impressed with StopTech.  On similar courses that I over heated my old setup(s) or had to brake early because of the lack of braking power with the factory calipers the StopTech setup doesn’t even flinch.  The more I use this setup the more I love it!!!!  I never thought that a track setup could be so civilized on the street like this either.  

Fortune Auto does a fantastic job of working with their customers to ensure they get the best quality setup that best suits their needs. I really wanted to have a setup that would focus on autocross but still be streetable. Thankfully Fortune Auto was able to do just that!  Most kits seem to focus on slamming the car to the ground and don’t seem very performance oriented (many don’t even have camber plates).  Thankfully that is not the case with Fortune Auto.  It’s absolutely amazing for autocross and track duty and works well on the street too.  Being able to dial in camber really helps with turn-in and tire wear with the ST.  It’s pretty clear in photos how much more composed the car is, no longer does my rear wheel come 12 inches off the ground upsetting the car!  Everything feels so much better balanced and is easy to gather back up if you push too hard!  The car feels so great and I keep pushing harder and harder looking for the limits every single run!

Velossa Tech Design – I currently use Velossa Tech’s Big Mouth RAM air intake and it is awesome! Even with the temperatures rising into the mid-80’s at many of the autocross events I attend I’m keeping with the power even in the heat! It makes a big difference getting fresh air from outside and keeping the temps down so that the intercooler can do it’s job even better!  I’ve also had some comments from course workers about how awesome the intake sound is when I’m ‘getting on it’, It also looks pretty menacing in the grill!  Construction and quality of the piece is fantastic and I look forward to more products from Velossa Tech in the future for the ST and other cars.  GREAT PRODUCT – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Rebel Devil Customs – Rebel Devil was created by enthusiast who want the same things you want out of your vehicles – Ultimate Performance!  Rebel Devil fabricates and well as resales some of the best parts you can purchase, they don’t sell anything that they wouldn’t use themselves.

AMSOIL – AMSOIL manufactures the best lubricants you can put in your vehicle.  Running up to and on redline during events I wouldn’t trust any other oil to keep my engine in tip-top shape!  I know that when I’m running hard I can trust that my engine is protected.

Mishimoto – Mishimoto makes fantastic products primarily related to keeping your engine and the air coming into it cool.  I currently use their intake system for the Focus ST, staying close to the greatly engineered OE system Mishimoto was able to make improvements without completely re-inventing the wheel.  I hope to be using their Inter-coolers, radiators, and more in the future.

Stay tuned…